Exports and eCommerce Sales Growth

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Exports and eCommerce Sales Growth

ExportingisGreat: It is an often overlooked fact that the Creative and Technology sectors are the growth areas for Exports, e.g International Trade, with London as the (Heart) pulsing megalopolis of the United Kingdom.



eCommerce Sales Growth
Reality today is that largest export base is through e-commerce with customer channel via digital marketing. The focus of your export business will be on the e-commerce platform and digital marketing, however consideration needs be on how to “Refresh your Business Model to Grow Sales” and revitalize your business sales growth using the “Value Proposition Canvas”.

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Newham Chamber’s Sweet Breakfast Meeting at Tate & Lyle Sugars

Tate & Lyle RefineryHQNewham Chamber’s Sweet Breakfast Meeting at Tate & Lyle Sugars

7 – 9am, 20-Jul-16 (Sponsored by Tate & Lyle Sugars) and held at their refinery HQ.


Arrived at 7:10 am to find there were already early delegates. We then had full english breakfast at the Company canteen with discussions amongst chamber members. The programme included Talk in the Conference room 8-9am, and an extensive tour of the Refinery (9-10:30am) which finished at the Education Resource Centre. Read more

British Polish Business Mixer

British Polish Business Mixer

PBLink13 April “British Polish Business Mixer ” event is presented by PBLink

Why you should attend this event?

The event offers excellent opportunities for British businesses to harness the energy and enthusiasm of Polish entrepreneurs, who in turn benefit from plugging into established networks in the UK. Register hereRead more

UKTI #ExportHub 2016 @ExportClubLdn


As part of the Exporting is GREAT campaign, the UKTI truck, the Export Hub, will be on a tour visiting every part of the UK between March and October 2016.

2016 - 2The Export Hub will bring together advice and practical guidance for all businesses on how they can find customers overseas for their products and services.The Export Hub is a flexible space, with areas for seminars and meetings.

Events will include seminars, workshops and one-to-one meetings where you can meet with export advisors.

The East London Club took part in the London Roadshow, 28-31 March, and covered Brick Lane, Arsenal and Hounslow!  Read more