How to innovate and go global with your business

This 1/2 day innovation workshop course is designed for Start-up founders, entrepreneurs and business professionals, who are looking for how to innovate and go global, grow into overseas markets and improve their branding strategy to increase sales.  Register here.

Date: 7 September 2017 8:30 – 12:30 GMT
Venue sponsor: A City Law Firm – 64 Clifton Street EC2A 4HB

First HALF

Presentations:       This is an expert led workshop:
Ideation Workshop led by Daniel Tuitt Innovation Consultant
Brand positioning by Jono Marcus Principal consultant, Tigercat
How to create an Export Strategy by Ade Awokoya co-Founder, East London Export Club
Legal Insights By George Masefield Senior Associate Solicitor, A City Law Firm

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Business Growth – Scaleup and GoGlobal

Ade Awokoya moderates ‘”Scale Up and GoGlobal” Panel session at LonBA Executive Launch – 8 March 2017

Business Growth – Scaleup and GoGlobal:

London Business Academy (LonBA) held its Executive Launch. The theme “Scaleup and GoGlobal”, highlighted the prime objective of this Training Academy to support UK Small Business. LonBA is a collaboration between PBLink and East London Export Club. Event was hosted by Nick Howe, NatWest Regional Enterprise Manager at RBS, 250 Bishopsgate, London.


Ade Awokoya Co-Founder of East London Export Club was Moderator for both Panel session organised.

Session One : Scaleup and Grow and  Session Two: Grow and GoGlobal

The event was aimed at established small and medium sized business (SME), that want to ‘Scale Up and GoGlobal’. A selected list of growth-oriented business seeking know-how, connections and inspiration were invited to learn from the Panel who are actively  supporting UK companies to Scaleup and Grow. Read more

2016 Polish Congress ScaleUp and Business Growth


2016 Polish Congress ScaleUp and Business Growth

Polish Congress summit to help foreign business executives.

Polish Business Link “PBLink” is the facilitator of the 2016 Congress of Polish entrepreneurs in London. Congress takes place annually with the inaugural event held in 2014 and 2016 Congress is the 3rd session with the current focus on business growth. It will have a stellar panel of Speakers who will expand on key principles of implementing business growth. Speakers will cover topics, based on their real-life case studies as entrepreneurs.

PBLink provides a forum for networking with diverse Entrepreneurs to get exclusive contacts, know-how and attractive discounts to help you grow your business. This is done through hosting monthly networking events in and outside the UK to help SME business grow on domestic and global markets. Read more

Startup2016 Export Adviser Zone

Startup2016 Export Adviser Zone

Ade Awokoya

This was simply an awesome event organised by Enterprise Nation and my thanks to the team for the invitation to the Startup2016 “Adviser Zone”. East London Export Club has had support and encouragement, since our launch a year ago, while the Club is a Pro-Member with benefits.

The Adviser zone was an all-day affair, while I took part in the afternoon session and held sessions with Startup attendees. I have profiled a case-study from one (half-hour) session on the day which explains how a Startup could have an International focus from inception.

For reasons of confidentiality, I have left out specifics, and an outline is presented below: Read more

Why an Export Strategy is for Academics

bl2Just like you I always thought Strategy was for academics and amateurs!

Why not roll up your sleeves and step into the fray to seize the battle but alas I recall the Battle of Waterloo was won through strategy!

Fast forward and I am hosting an Export strategy event on 10th November  at the British Library Business & IP Centre. So what brought this about-turn?

Simply reflection and looking at case studies of successful companies who have used the resources at the British Library to export and grow successfully.

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