East London

Gateway to Export

East London has a tradition of international trade, with Docklands a major export hub before its destruction in the Second World War. However, the Legacy of the 2012 Olympics in East London provided a regeneration boost to business. The prime benefit has been the establishment of the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone, London’s next business district, creating a centre for global trade.

The area has a culturally diverse community of different nationalities (and languages) on the doorstep. It’s good to rely on community networks, and you have the benefit to conduct face-to-face meetings and understand the cultural nuances of communication.

This regeneration now makes East London the Gateway to Export.

Export Club Benefits

Essentially exports work well when you have systems, procedures and processes in place, so it is beneficial to learn how to outsource these functions. Among others, one benefit of export clubs is that you don’t necessarily have to take the expert view, the forum works well when you can exchange stories with veterans and newbies alike.

A Business Community

The business is not all about exports, and we will assist business to explore and grow their home market also. The East London Export Cub will develop a business community to encourage Startups and Small Business.  Find Our Story here .

The work streams identified are;
» Digital Centre         » Manufacturing Base       » Business Growth Service

Our Export Club Group on LinkedIn was formed to enable small and medium business to “exchange stories regards their business journey” and your business need not have any export experience. We would also like to meet offline and have plans in place to roll-out “round-tables” where we can focus on your specific bottle-necks and obstacles to business growth.

Please contact us directly on;

Tel: 020 3290 3381
EMail: info@eastlondonexport.org.uk





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