Why an Export Strategy is for Academics

bl2Just like you I always thought Strategy was for academics and amateurs!

Why not roll up your sleeves and step into the fray to seize the battle but alas I recall the Battle of Waterloo was won through strategy!

Fast forward and I am hosting an Export strategy event on 10th November  at the British Library Business & IP Centre. So what brought this about-turn?

Simply reflection and looking at case studies of successful companies who have used the resources at the British Library to export and grow successfully.

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Map out an export strategy for your Business

woman holding globeThe current government’s drive to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to export is very encouraging. So  here’s what we can do to ‘Go Global’ from our Offices.

Start from your comfort zone

First, clearly understand your position in your Home (UK) market to see where your best market niche is. It’s best to start with data – and if you’re a Startup, understand the basis behind your projections. It’s possible your approach could be export-ready at inception (after some testing). Otherwise, put in a solid foundation at home first.

Next, consider the EU zone and get systems and plans in place, then consolidate to go for non-EU markets. Emerging economies are most difficult and will need more resource.

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